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Less Accessible Writings

"Crossings at Benaras Junction: A Play in Three or Four Acts," The Little Magazine, forthcoming. (For an Excerpt, click )

"Globalization and Babool Gum: Travels through Rural Gujarat," The Little Magazine, 2005, vol. 5, issue 1.

"The Retreat of Global Democracy," Indicators, 2002.

"On Why We Do Not Try to Walk off without Paying after a Tax-Ride," Economic & Political Weekly, November 1983, Vol. 18, pp. 2011-2012.

A list of my books

Revealed Preference of Government, Cambridge University Press, 1980.

The Less Developed Economy: A Critique of Contemporary Theory, Basil Blackwell, 1984.

Agrarian Structure and Economic Development, Harwood Academic Publishers, 1990. This book is part of the series, Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics, edited by J. Lesourne and H. Sonnenschein.

Economic Graffiti: Essays for Everyone, Oxford University Press, 1991.

Lectures in Industrial Organization Theory, Basil Blackwell, 1993.

(editor, with Mukul Majumdar and Tapan Mitra) Capital, Investment and Development, Basil Blackwell, 1993.

(editor, with Pulin Nayak) Development Policy and Economic Theory, Oxford University Press, 1992.

(editor) Some Agrarian Questions, Oxford University Press, 1994.

(editor, with Prasanta Pattanaik and Kotaro Suzumura) Development, Welfare and Ethics, Clarendon Press, 1995.

Of People, Of Places: Sketches from an Economist's Notebook, Oxford University Press, 1994.

(editor, with Sanjay Subrahmanyam) Unravelling the Nation: Sectarian Conflict and India's Secular Identity, Penguin paperback, New Delhi, 1996.

Analytical Development Economics: The Less Developed Economy Revisited, The MIT Press, 1997.

Prelude to Political Economy: A Study of the Social and Political Foundations of Economics, Oxford University Press, 2000.

(editor) Readings in Political Economy, Blackwell Publishing, 2003.

(editor, with Henrik Horn, Lisa Roman and Judith Shapiro) International Labor Standards, Blackwell Publishing, 2003.

India's Emerging Economy: Performance and Prospects in the 1990s and Beyond, The MIT Press, 2004.

Collected Theoretical Papers, Volume 1: Development, Markets and Institutions, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Collected Theoretical Papers, Volume 2: Rationality, Games and Strategic Behavior, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

(editor) Oxford Companion to Economics in India, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

The Retreat of Democracy and Other Itinerant Essays on Globalization, Economics and India, Permanent Black, 2007.

An Italian translation of this book, Ele Bele: India e le illusioni della democrazia globale, is to be published by Laterza and Figli, Rome, 2008.

(editor, with Ravi Kanbur), Arguments for a Better World, Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen. Volume 1: Ethics, Welfare and Measurment, Oxford University Press, 2008, forthcoming.

(editor, with Ravi Kanbur), Arguments for a Better World, Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen. Volume 2: Development, Society and Institutions, Oxford University Press, 2008, forthcoming.

(editor, with Bryan Maddox and Anna Robinson-Pant), Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literacy and Development, Routledge, London, forthcoming.

A list of my papers

Retrospective Choice and Merit Goods, Finanzarchiv, vol. 34, 1976.

Information and Strategy in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma, Theory and Decision, vol. 8, 1977.

Some Implications of Baumol's Theory of Transactions Demand for Money, Indian Economic Journal, vol. 24, 1977.

Optimal Policies in Dual Economies, Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 95, 1980.

Causality and Economic Theory, Indian Economic Review, vol. 16, 1981.

Food for Work Programmes, Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 16, 3-10 January, 1981.

(with Prannoy Roy) Share, Size and Subsistence: Revisiting Some Old Controversies on Tenancy, Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 17, July, 1982.

Determinateness of the Utility Function: Revisiting a Controversy of the Thirties, Review of Economic Studies, vol. 49, 1982.

The Emergence of Isolation and Interlinkage in Rural Markets, Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 35, 1983.

Transactions Demand for Money and Portfolio Diversification, Indian Economic Journal, vol. 31, 1983.

On Why We Do Not Try to Walk Off Without Paying After a Taxi Ride, Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 18, November, 1983.

Cardinal Utility, Utilitarianism and a Class of Invariance Axioms in Welfare Analysis, Journal of Mathematical Economics, vol. 12, 1983.

Fuzzy Revealed Preference Theory, Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 32, 1984.

Implicit Interest Rates, Usury and Isolation in Backward Agriculture, Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 8, 1984.

The Right to Give Up Rights, Economica, vol. 51, 1984.

Utility Measurement: A Direct Proof of Lange's Conjecture, Economics Letters, vol. 15, 1984.

(with Nirvikar Singh) Commitment and Entry-deterrence in a Model of Duopoly, Economics Letters, vol. 18, 1985.

Poverty Measurement: A Decomposition of the Normalization Axiom, Econometrica, vol. 53, 1985.

The Market for Land: An Analysis of Interim Transactions, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 20, 1986.

One Kind of Power, Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 38, 1986.

(with Eric Jones and Ekkehart Schlicht) The Growth and Decay of Custom: The Role of the New Institutional Economics in Economic History, Explorations in Economic History, vol. 24, 1987.

Markets, Power and Social Norms in a Development Context (CASID Occasional paper No. 9, Michigan State University), Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 21, 1986. A related version entitled 'Limitations of the market: Conjectures, Customs and Norms' appeared in B.L. Agarwal (ed.), Alternative Economic Structures, Allied, New Delhi, 1989.

Axioms for a Fuzzy Measure of Inequality, Mathematical Social Sciences, vol. 14, 1987.

Achievements, Capabilities and the Concept of Preference, Social Choice and Welfare, vol. 4, 1987.

Modelling Finitely Repeated Games with Uncertain Termination, Economics Letters, vol. 23, 1987.

(with Alaka Basu and Ranjan Ray) Migrants and the Native Bond: An Analysis of Micro-level Data from Delhi, Annual Number, Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 22, 1987.

Monopoly, Quality Uncertainty and 'Status Goods', International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 5, 1987.

(with Alaka Basu) The Greying of Populations: Concepts and Measurement, Demography India, vol. 16, 1987.

Disneyland Monopoly, Interlinkage and Usurious Interest Rates, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 34, 1987.

Strategic Irrationality in Extensive Games, Mathematical Social Sciences, vol. 15, 1988

Why Monopolists Prefer to Make Their Goods Less Durable, Economica, vol. 55, 1988.

Notes on Nonlinear Pricing and Monopoly with a Comment on Backward Credit Markets, Journal of Quantitative Economics, vol. 4, 1988.

Project Evaluation and the Shadow Wage: Accounting for Regional Disparities and Inequality, Public Finance, 1988.

Economic Theory in Development Economics: Methodology, Agrarian Structure and Rent Control Laws, Economic and Political Weekly, Special Number, 1988.

Technological Stagnation, Tenurial Laws and Adverse Selection, American Economic Review, vol. 79, 1989.

A Theory of Association: Social Status, Prices and Markets, Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 41, 1989.

Rural Credit Markets: The Structure of Interest Rates, Exploitation and Efficiency, in P.K. Bardhan (ed) The Economic Theory of Agrarian Institutions, Basil Blackwell, Oxford and New York, 1989.

Combating Persistent Poverty in South Asia: Policy Options, in Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen (eds.), Hunger and Poverty: Economics and Policy, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1990.

Duopoly Equilibria When Firms Can Change Their Decision Once, Economics Letters, vol. 32, 1990.

(with Nirvikar Singh) Strategic Entry-Deterrence in Stackelberg Perfect Equilibria, International Economic Review, vol. 31, 1990.

On the Existence of a Rationality Definition for Extensive Games, International Journal of Game Theory, vol. 19, 1990.

(with T.C.A. Anant and Badal Mukherji) Bargaining Without Convexity: Generalizing the Kalai-Smorodinsky Solution, Economics Letters, vol. 33, 1990.

The International Debt Problem, Credit Rationing and Loan Pushing: Theory and Experience, Princeton Essays in International Finance, 1991.

(with Jorgen Weibull) Strategy Subsets Closed Under Rational Behaviour, Economics Letters, 1991.

(with Alaka Basu) Women's Economic Roles and Child Survival: The Case of India, Health Transition Review, vol. 1, 1991.

(with Rajat Deb and Prasanta Pattanaik) Soft Sets: An Ordinal Formulation of Vagueness with Some Applications to the Theory of Choice, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 1992.

(with Clive Bell) Fragmented Duopoly: Theory and Applications to Backward Agriculture, Journal of Development Economics, 1991.

The Broth and the Cooks: A Theory of Surplus Labor, World Development, 1992.

Some Simple Analytics of Inflation and Unemployment in a Dual Economy, in S. Subramanian (ed.), Themes in Development Economics: Essays in Honour of Malcolm Adiseshiah, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1993.

(with Sudipto Bhattacharya and Ajit Mishra) Notes on Bribery and the Control of Corruption, Journal of Public Economics, 1992.

A Geometry for Non-Walrasian General Equilibrium Theory, Journal of Macroeconomics, 1992.

Limited Liability and the Existence of Share Tenancy, Journal of Development Economics, 1992.

Markets, Governments and Laws, in Bimal Jalan (ed.), The Indian Economy: Anatomy of a Crisis, Penguin, 1992.

Bad Advice, Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 27, 7 March 1992.

A Characterization of the Class of Rationalizable Equilibria for Oligopoly Games, Economics Letters, vol. 40, 1992.

Collusion in Finitely-Repeated Oligopolies, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 1992.

Efficiency Wage Theory with Monopolistic Landlords, in K. Basu, M. Majumdar and T. Mitra (eds.) Capital, Investment and Development, Blackwell, 1993.

Dual Tariff: Reforming Controlled Prices, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 1993, 151-165.

(with Ajit Mishra) Sustainable Development and the Commons Problem: A Simple Approach, in P. Bardhan, M. Datta Chaudhuri and T.N. Krishnan (eds.), Development and Change, Oxford University Press, 1993.

Group Rationality and Escher's Waterfall, Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 7, 1994.

The Traveler's Dilemma: Paradoxes of Rationality in Game Theory, American Economic Review, vol. 84, May 1994.

On the Suddeness of International Debt Crises, Sankhya, series B, 1994.

(with T.C. Anant and B. Mukherji) A Model of Monopoly with Strategic Government Intervention, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 57, 1995.

Civil Institutions and Evolution: Concepts, Critique and Models, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 46, 1995.

(with A. Deshpande) The Strategic Role of International Credit as an Instrument of Trade, Japanese Economic Review, 1995.

Bargaining with Set-valued Disagreement, Social Choice and Welfare, 1996, vol. 13, 61-74.

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Why are So Many Goods Priced to End in Nine? And why this Practice Hurts the Producers, Economics Letters, 1997.

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Globalisation and Babool Gum

Identity, Trust, and Altruism: Sociological Clues to Economic Development

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(with Ranjan Ray) The Collective Model of the Household and An Unexpected Implication for Child Labor: Hypothesis and an Empirical Test,' in Dhar, Arpita (ed.), Some Contemporary Issues in Development and Growth Economics, Allied Publishers, New Delhi, forthcoming.

India's Dilemmas: The Political Economy of Policy-Making in a Globalized World, Economic and Political Weekly, 2008, forthcoming.

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(with Amanda Felkey) A Theory of Efficiency Wage with Multiple Unemployment Equilibria: How a Higher Minimum Wage Law Can Curb Unemployment, Oxford Economic Papers, 2008, forthcoming.

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(with Homa Zarghamee) Is Product Boycott a Good Idea for Controlling Child Labor? A Theoretical Investigation, Journal of Development Economics, 2008, forthcoming.

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